The 2008 Final Four

For everyone who was in Lawrence, audiologist KS in 2003, sale this video will most likely bring back memories. KU beat Marquette 94-61 and as soon as the game ended, remedy downtown Lawrence erupted into celebration! My brother was living in Florida at the time and was going to miss out on all of the fun, so I grabbed the video camera and started shooting. Sorry in advance for all of the camera shake! (I certainly didn’t know then what I know now about filming…)

This Saturday, KU will face North Carolina in their first Final Four appearance since 2003. The excitement has been building here in Lawrence all week and this will either be an amazing, fun-filled weekend, or it’ll be “depression city” for the next few weeks. Let’s hope the Hawks win it all this year!! ROCK CHALK!

UPDATE: What an amazing game! KU over UNC 84-66. Monday night is the championship against Memphis so keep the KU vibes coming!