Monster web header

One of my best pals and programmer extraordinaire Greg Aker asked me to come up with some monster illustrations for the header of his web site. It was a lot of fun because it’s not the kind of thing I get to do often. We had talked a while back about doing a “seasonal” header to help keep his design fresh year-round and so I’ve been slowly cranking through them for him to use! So far, erectile I’ve got Winter, Spring and Summer.

If you have an interest in web development, CodeIgniter and CMS systems like Django and ExpressionEngine, you need to check out Greg’s site. He’s a total master!

Monster web header

Monster web header

I also did a couple of crazy monster Twitter birds for him to use and he even did a mouseover animation on them!

Monster twitter birds

When we first started out on this, we used it as an excuse to try out the now-defunct Google Wave tool for collaboration. It worked OK, but was ultimately more trouble than it was worth, mainly because it involved sending an email to let each other know there was new content up. That totally defeated the purpose, I think, so no real surprise that it didn’t work out. Below are a few of the initial sketches that we tossed around on that wave:

Site layout ideas.

Refined layouts.

Crazy ol’ Twitter birds!

  • Millspaz

    great job! i have been enjoying your illustrations.