Puerto Rico Recap Part 2

So, here are some of the more scenic photos I shot on a recent trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is a shot looking down the street at La Fortaleza, the governor’s residence and oldest executive mansion in the New World.

Here’s another shot in Old San Juan.

Even in the month of January, Puerto Rico is a paradise! Above is a fern against a wall and below is from a flowering tree in the courtyard of the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico.

The next few shots are from El Morro Castle (more info here). It’s huge and old and beautiful.

These arches open up into the soldiers’ quarters.

One of the many guard towers.

This is the view out to the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the fort. It would have been a total drag to be a soldier, but this kind of view would certainly make it bearable!

These are more Atlantic Ocean shots from the beach. It was actually my very first time to get in the ocean and I can see how people get drawn to it. It’s so massive and powerful, it’s kind of like looking up at the stars and feeling very small.

Kansas has some pretty amazing sunsets, but I might have to give Puerto Rico a close second.