This is a journal, not only on the work, musings and interests of DESIGNOJEK, but also serves as a place to offer up some interesting facets of the culture of art, music and design in Lawrence, KS and the surrounding communities.

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The Studio

DESIGNOJEK is a design studio founded by Dave Gnojek, a creative mind whose skills span a range of art forms and whose passion is reflected in his work. Founded in 2004, DESIGNOJEK serves a diverse range of clients and provides a variety of ways for individuals and businesses to visually communicate their message, both in print and on the web. The Fine Arts community has been especially quick to embrace this company because of Dave’s background in music and art as well as in design. This level of knowledge makes communication with other artists seamless, allowing less time for confusion and more time for creation. In addition, DESIGNOJEK has also worked with software companies, educational research centers, and a number of small businesses both in the midwest and nationally.

DESIGNOJEK has made a spot for itself in the heart of the midwest, residing in Lawrence, KS, a vibrant city rich in arts and culture. Home to the University of Kansas, Lawrence brings people from all over the world together to exchange ideas and beliefs. It is within this creative environment that DESIGNOJEK draws it’s inspiration and energy. DESIGNOJEK can meet the graphic arts needs of every client and gives an honest and fresh approach to each challenge that comes its way.

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