I recently guest-wrote a blog post where I talked about some uses for Evernote, this web the free note-taking software that can be synced to multiple computers and mobile devices. While that post was geared towards more general use, cardiology I thought I’d list five uses for Evernote for graphic designers and illustrators to consider.

  1. Evernote as an inspiration stash. Evernote lets you store text and images which is made even easier when you use the Firefox or Safari plugin. You can grab snippets off the internet or shoot a photo with your phone and store it as you navigate the world around you. You can tag everything, bronchi so your store of inspiration can be easily sorted and searched. It will even process the images and make any text searchable!
  2. Store technical information. As I mentioned in my other post, Evernote is a great place to store information that you use often, but don’t always have at the front of your brain. Things like printer specifications, client contacts, software serial numbers or key commands in Illustrator can all be stored in an easy-to-find location.
  3. Pieces of code. This is more useful for web designers, but the idea could be applied across all disciplines. As you surf the web and come across interesting web techniques, tutorials, or pieces of code, you can toss them in your code notebook for use on future sites!
  4. Shared notebooks. If you’re doing a collaborative project, you can have shared notebook that syncs to everyone’s account so you can have drafts, writings, and other notes available to all involved.
  5. Small achievement notebook. I got this awesome idea from Heather Parlato, a great designer out of Los Angeles. She keeps a notebook that contains a list of small (and big) accomplishments she’s made each month. It provides a great way to quickly look back and assess the work you’ve done. I thought this could also be done using a digital notebook as well and so far, I really like the snapshot it gives me of my successes, no matter how small. (I do kind of miss the sound of pencil on paper, though!)

There is more information on how to use Evernote on their website and blog, but I’ve found it to be a very useful tool for keeping myself organized!

I’ll also point out that there are other applications that do somewhat similar things (though I’ve not used them) such as LittleSnapper and Simplenote which can be used with Notational Velocity.

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