Artists spend countless hours working in their studios and as a result, the rooms themselves take on a character of their own. I’ve always found it fascinating to peak into the workspaces of other artists, and so this section does just that. I’ll be featuring a variety of different artists, most with a strong connection to the region and showcasing not only their work, but their creative spaces as well.

Lora Jost

Lora Jost, artist/illustrator
Lora Jost is an artist and illustrator whose work includes scratchboards, ceramic mosaics, and collages. Her pieces draw from personal experiences and collected stories which are depicted with elements of beauty, whimsy, darkness, and joy.
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Heather Smith Jones, artist
Heather Smith Jones is a Lawrence-based painter and mixed media artist. She works in a variety of media including watercolor, oils, acrylics, and pinholes. Her work is often a blend of media and the result is fresh and unique.
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Studio 804
STUDIO 804, architecture
Studio 804 is a design/build program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Planning. It provides hands-on designing and building opportunities for KU architecture students in their final semester of their degree.
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Justin Marable
JUSTIN MARABLE, printmaking
Justin Marable is a printmaker who works out of his studio which is located in a historic and charming neighborhood in Topeka, KS. His works are primarily silk screens that explore the element of rural decay occurring in the heartlands of America.
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Microphone at KPR
KPR STUDIOS, audio recording
This studio visit features the live music studio at Kansas Public Radio on the University of Kansas campus. This state of the art recording studio was built into the new KPR building when it was constructed in 2002-03. I was able to stop in for a visit during a recording session to see the studio in action.
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Joe Malin’s truck sculpture
JOE MALIN, sculptor
Joe lives and works in Plainville, Kansas, a small town about 80 miles from the geographic center of the United States. Although not formally trained as an artist, he creates wonderful pieces of folk art that have immense character, meticulous attention to detail, and fascinating historical significance.
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