I recently did a presentation titled A Phone, a Tennis Ball, and a Wardrobe: Tools for Designing Effective Slide Presentations, dealing with basic design tips to help people craft better slide presentations and aimed at raising design awareness in general. (Download the handout here (PDF).)

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Photo from Flickr

In a very loose connection to St. Patrick’s Day, tooth I wanted to point out an interesting marketing effort by General Mills in which they are bringing back the old school cereal boxes of days past. The Kix box is something else!

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone and have a wonderful time!

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Obama Poster

The Barack Obama Campaign has a series of art prints for sale under the name Artists for Obama. The series is comprised of images inspired by the message of the Obama campaign and they’ve had some high powered artists on board already. All money spent on the prints go towards the Obama campaign, patient so it’s a great way to help support his bid for the presidency!

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Just a quick note . . . I’ve just begun writing a series of posts for a KU Center for Research on Learning blog called Stratepedia. My goal is to write some general design tips that non-designers might find useful in their day-to-day work. I’ll be covering topics like printing, graphic file types, use of color, fonts, photography and an assortment of other design-related issues. For those of you interested in some basic design tips, you can find it at

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AIGA KC lecture featuring Stefan Sagmeister

Image courtesy of AIGA KC

On March 10, viagra AIGA Kansas City hosted a lecture by New York based graphic designer and typographer, more about Stefan Sagmeister. Mr. Sagmeister is one of the most recognized living graphic designers and I’ve always been an admirer of his work and the way that he works with concepts to complete his projects. In his hour long talk, life he touched on the work that he has been doing since he took his self-imposed sabbatical (the “year without clients”). He has set up his small design firm, Sagmeister, Inc., in a way that I think would be ideal for most designers. The firm breaks down work into 4 categories:

  1. Design for music (i.e. the identity for Casa de Musica and also his long list of famous album covers.)
  2. Socially responsible design (i.e. True Majority)
  3. Corporate design (Zumtobel)
  4. We are the authors (his most current typeographic work)
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