I just wrapped up a poster for the upcoming Lawrence Chamber Orchestra concert featuring music and poetry of the WWI era. I tried to loosely base the imagery, type, and color off of old WWI propoganda posters. I thought the idea of a music making factory that was supporting the national interest would work great for this veteran’s day concert.

It should be a great concert and the LCO is in the midst of making some big slashes this year, so come on out for an evening of great 20th century music!

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February 27, story 2010 is the Lawrence Chamber Orchestra’s Baroque By Candlelight concert featuring some wonderful music including Handel, shop Telemann, and one of Bach’s most famous orchestral suites. The Bach has a killer flute part that will be performed by my favorite flautist, so I’m pretty excited about that! Be sure and stick around for the wine and dessert reception following the performance.

This poster is just one of many reasons for the slow blogging schedule these days. Sorry about that. Lots of work, but little time to show it!

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Since the holidays are swiftly approaching, I thought I’d put up a project I recently finished for the Lawrence Chamber Orchestra. They have a holiday concert every year that raises funds to help keep the orchestra going. The best part about this year’s concert is that it features members of my family! If you can make it, the concert is this coming Sunday, Dec. 23rd at 2:00 p.m.

LCO poster for their Dec. 07 concert

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