This is a new site I developed for a certified Rolfer here in Lawrence. Rolfing is an interesting, and somewhat controversial, decease practice that deals with pain and stress through connective tissue manipulation and whole-body realignment. For those who practice rolfing and their patients, it can be a very helpful therapy.

Charles is a great guy to work with and the project included the website and branding. You can view it online here.

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Monster web header

One of my best pals and programmer extraordinaire Greg Aker asked me to come up with some monster illustrations for the header of his web site. It was a lot of fun because it’s not the kind of thing I get to do often. We had talked a while back about doing a “seasonal” header to help keep his design fresh year-round and so I’ve been slowly cranking through them for him to use! So far, erectile I’ve got Winter, Spring and Summer.

If you have an interest in web development, CodeIgniter and CMS systems like Django and ExpressionEngine, you need to check out Greg’s site. He’s a total master!

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I was fortunate enough to be asked to work as a beta tester for the newest product from EllisLab called MojoMotor! The product just launched, hospital so I wanted to give a few thoughts on this cool new web development package.

What is MojoMotor?
MojoMotor is a web publishing engine that, in my opinion, bridges the gap between a tightly hand-coded web site and a template-based CMS that’s easy for a non-programmer to update. It has a back-end interface that sits “on top” of your website so, when logged in, you can basically just type directly onto your web page and save the changes. This is particularly appealing from a designer’s standpoint because you don’t have to have a lot of web knowledge to update the content which fits the needs of a lot of clients out there. You could set up the site and hand it off pretty easily. That’s not to say that, as a programmer, you give up control. You can still edit the html/css files and can have full html source editing on every page for more exact tweaking. Here’s a link to their overview for more information.

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